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Bilawal’s maternal grandfather Zulfikar Bhutto lived in Mumbai for at least ten years and studied here
Bhutto had bought a luxurious property in Sewerli in Mumbai on lease for thousands of rupees.
Parnana remained Diwan in the princely state of Junagadh, later instigated the Nawab to merge with Pakistan.

Just as the Gandhi family in India is the most important political family in the country, the way the Bush family and the Kennedy family have been in America, as the Rajapaksa family was considered in Sri Lanka, the Bhutto family has had some influence in the politics of Pakistan. The family that has given two Prime Ministers and runs Pakistan’s second largest party, the Pakistan People’s Party. Once upon a time this family lived in India as well. Bilawal Ali Bhutto, the leader of the new generation of this family, will come to India next month. Before Bilawal, his mother has come to India 03 times. Before that his maternal grandfather Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and great grandfather Shahnawaz Bhutto have lived in India.

Bilawal has studied in Oxford. Are 34 years old. Charming is young. He is the head of the Pakistan People’s Party. When his party formed the government with Shahbaz Nawaz, he was made the foreign minister. He is coming to Goa in the capacity of Foreign Minister to participate in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) meeting in Goa on 04-05 May. 12 years ago a foreign minister of Pakistan had come to India. She was Heena Rabbani who came in the year 2011.

Nana Zulfikar Bhutto studied in Mumbai
Bilawal is coming to India for the first time but two generations of his family have lived in this country for a long time. His maternal grandfather Zulfikar Ali Bhutto had more than half of his studies in Mumbai.

There was a luxurious bungalow in C Worli
Zulfikar Ali Bhutto lived in a luxurious bungalow near Worli Sea, which his father had bought on lease from the Mumbai Municipal Corporation. This was a long wide house. The old luxurious bungalow and the courtyard of about one thousand square meters adjacent to it. It was then taken by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto on lease from Mumbai Municipal Corporation for about 25 thousand rupees. After independence, he left it and went away. Since then its owners have changed several times.

Bhutto kept remembering Mumbai even later
Here, Zulfikar first studied at the Cathedral and John Canon School, living in the company of servants. Then he got admission in the famous St. Xavier’s College. Bhutto used to often say after going to Pakistan and after going to the Prime Minister that he considered those days spent in Mumbai to be the happiest days of his life. He used to roam a lot in Mumbai then. He had a big circle of friends in Mumbai in those days. Which he kept remembering even later.

Zulfikar spent some time with his father in Junagadh as well.
However, before this Zulfikar Bhutto spent some time with his father in Junagadh. His father belonged to the prosperous zamindar family of Sindh Shahnawaz. By the way, it can be said to a large extent that during his stay in India, Bhutto had such an impression here, which always remained with his memories. He stayed here for more than 10 years for studies. Mumbai was considered the best place to study in those days.

Parnana shifted from Sindh to Junagadh in 1946
Now let’s talk about Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s father Shahnawaz Khan, who will be called Bilawal’s great grandfather. Shahnawaz shifted from Sindh to Junagadh about a year and a half before Azad. Although he had good relations with the Indian princely states. That is why he came to Junagadh.

He came to Junagadh with his family, Begum, two daughters and a son. He had a good identity with the Nawab of Junagadh. The Nawab wanted to make him Diwan in the state. However, he was told that first he should come to Junagadh from Sindh at the expense of the princely state of Junagadh and understand the administration along with the works of the state, then he would be given this post.

Married a daughter from Junagadh itself
After coming to Junagadh, Shahnawaz was given a big bungalow. in which he started living. From here he also married one of his daughters. Barely 05 months before the country’s partition and independence in the year 1947, the Nawab officially declared him as Diwan. But by then the situation had started changing.

Incited the Nawab of Junagadh to accede to Pakistan
Shahnawaz was an influential personality. He had good relations with the head of the Muslim League, Mohammad Ali Jinnah. Just before independence, when the princely states were asked to decide whether to merge their princely state with India or Pakistan, then Shahnawaz started tricking the Nawab of Junagadh that the Nawab should merge his state with Pakistan. Since Dewan had direct contact with Jinnah, this thing went a long way.

Then both Nawab and Diwan fled to Pakistan
But the only problem was that Junagadh was a Hindu princely state but its Nawab was a Muslim. But on the instigation of the Nawab, the ruler of Junagadh made up his mind to go to Pakistan by signing the accession letter. After that the situation changed in such a way that both Diwan Shahnawaz and Nawab fled to Pakistan. Junagadh merged with Pakistan.

Then his mother came to India at the age of 19
However, the history of both these generations of Bilawal with India has definitely been such that it is not good for Bilawal at all. In 1972, when his maternal grandfather and the then Prime Minister of Pakistan Zulfikar Ali Bhutto came to sign the Shimla Agreement, India had created a new country Bangladesh by splitting Pakistan. His mother Benazir, who came with his maternal grandfather, was then 19 years old.

By the way, Bilawal’s mother Benazir Bhutto came to India twice more after that, she visited India in 2003 and 2005. So this time it will be interesting to see what Bilawal does during his two days stay in India.

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