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Meta had fired 21,000 employees.
In January 2023, Google laid off 12,000 employees.
Amazon has also fired 27,000 employees.

New Delhi. Google (Google), Amazon (Amazon), Microsoft (Microsoft) and Facebook (Facebook) had fired thousands of employees a few months ago. All these big tech companies had cited lack of growth, slowdown in the economy and over-hiring as the reason for the layoffs. But, a few months back, the same companies which snatched the employment of thousands of employees on these pretexts, are now hiring indiscriminately. The special thing is that now they are keeping employees on those posts in low salary, the posts from which these companies had discharged the employees just a few months ago.

Data from the US Department of Labor showed that Google Meta, Amazon, Zoom, Salesforce and Microsoft have requested the department to issue H1-Bs to foreign workers for them. But, the special thing is that now companies are requesting to issue low paid H1-B visas. This shows the trickery of these companies. In fact, big tech companies used over-hiring and recession as an excuse to get rid of the employees taking huge salary packages and showed the way out to the employees.

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According to a report in Business Today, the data collected by investigative journalist Li Feng has revealed the ‘turnover’ of the companies. The positions for which Google has applied for the low paid H1-B visa are highly specialized tech posts. Google has requested the US government to issue visas to citizens of several countries including India for the positions of Software Engineer, Analytical Consultant, User Experience Researcher and many more.

Thousands of employees were fired in retrenchment
Facebook’s parent company Meta fired 21,000 employees last year. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg called it the ‘Year of Efficiency’. Similarly, in January 2023, Google laid off 12,000 employees. Amazon is also not lagging behind in retrenchment and in two rounds it has lost the jobs of 27,000 employees.

It has become difficult to live in America
For the American H1-B visa holder employees fired by tech companies, many difficulties became due to job loss. These workers who came to work in America from other countries cannot live in America without a job. If he does not get another job, he will have to go back to his country.

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