This AI-Powered PDF Software Editor Boosts Productivity, File Modification

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24 April 2023, 07:04 am

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The employment of AI technology has been spreading fast in the recent years, and it’s no wonder that even Wondershare PDF software makers have already jumped on the bandwagon by incorporating ChatGPT into their products.

Wondershare is a company that creates productivity tools, including its PDF editor software. It has offices in China, such as Shenzhen, Beijing, and Changsha. Wondershare also has a base in Lhasa in Tibet, Tokyo, and Vancouver.

If you are a regular PDF file user, you will learn that this provider of PDF editor solutions has grown in leaps and bounds in recent years. Wondershare has incorporated AI features, allowing users to benefit from more than just the basic PDF file mechanisms.


(Photo : Wondershare)

Wondershare PDFelement has gained prominence among professionals and students. This PDF software maker allows users like you to engage with PDF files in the simplest and most practical way.

Wondershare PDFelement recognizes over 20 languages. It is accessible to you as it is available and supported by various platforms. These platforms include iOS and Android phones and Mac and Windows computer systems.

Editing, annotating, creating, and converting PDF files to searchable and editable documents are effortless, thanks to the Wondershare PDF software.

Additionally, this operational productivity tool lets users read, sign, organize, compress, and combine their documents.

You can also have your PDF files translated with this quick, dependable, and powerful Optical Character Recognition or OCR engine. Wondershare’s PDF software safeguards your PDF files and allows data extraction.

ChatGPT Powers PDFelement’s Lumi

With ChatGPT’s launch in late 2022 and its presence continuously gaining ground, Wondershare PDFelement’s makers introduced Lumi. ChatGPT powers this impressive smart PDF AI robot.

You can seamlessly analyze your PDF file’s content with Lumi’s assistance. Moreover, this AI technology-powered aide helps you understand your document.

Lumi is available for Windows version 9.5.0 and above. This new feature of Wondershare PDFelement comes with new capabilities for the online PDF editing solution.

Lumi can help you summarize, explain, and proofread your PDF files. Furthermore, it functions as an AI content detector. Lumi enables you to check text patterns to identify computer algorithm-generated content.

You can expect a boost in your productivity. Wondershare PDFelement’s AI technology assistant can also rewrite your files by polishing the language and increasing their appeal to the readers.

Lumi chats with users and provides suggestions when dealing with your essays, manuals, research papers, legal contracts, books, etc.


(Photo : Wondershare)

As a PDF software solution, Wondershare PDFelement features an easy-to-use free PDF editing software. This productivity tool for mobile and personal computer users allows you to edit a PDF file’s text fast and effortlessly, like in Microsoft Word.

Wondershare’s PDF editor solution comes with built-in spellcheck. Therefore, you can fix a typographical error in no time. You can also add a new PDF paragraph, images, watermarks, hyperlinks, and page numbers.

Do you need to edit text with the same formatting or change your file’s background? Modifying text sizes, font style, font colors, and alignment is possible with Wondershare’s free PDF editor software.

The following three simple steps allow you to edit your PDF documents using the Wondershare PDF editor software:

Step 1: In the Wondershare PDFelement portal, open a PDF file and click “Edit.”

Step 2: Find the area you want to edit. You can also click “Text/Image” to add a new photo or text to the PDF file.

Step 3: Add background, watermark, or other modifications by clicking any of these elements on the top menu bar. Edit the settings based on your preference and click “Apply.”

As you can see, editing a PDF file is simple with Wondershare PDFelement. With ChatGPT features added, you can also find this PDF software much more helpful in your work or school life.

Wondershare PDFelement is among the highly rated online PDF editing software. Wondershare’s offering features a flexible license. You can choose either subscription or perpetual service.

As Wondershare recently integrated AI technology, users like you can edit PDF documents smartly. The intelligent PDF AI robot Lumi enhances the editing experience.

Wondershare’s PDF editor lets you chat with your files, efficiently detect AI-generated content, and modify them. It enables you to edit your scanned files with just a single click. This editing productivity tool, indeed, promises accuracy and premium quality output.

Furthermore, you will discover that Wondershare PDFelement’s affordable PDF editor online for mobile, Windows, and Mac lets you edit your files in many ways. You can transform your PDF documents into editable and searchable Word documents.

You can edit PDF pages by splitting, deleting, combining, or rotating them with Wondershare’s solution. Finally, you can fill out forms and make fillable ones.

Users from various segments of society have attested that Wondershare PDFelement’s PDF editor software is highly recommended for everyone. These people are from the legal and government sectors, construction and real estate, finance and insurance, healthcare, and education.

Since Wondershare has incorporated AI technology, particularly ChatGPT, into its software, you can expect its editing solution to deliver better PDF experiences.

Today’s market demand and social trends are leaning towards more personalized and efficient solutions. Thus, the Wondershare PDF editor software has become essential for enterprises in various industries.

This enhanced productivity tool can surely aid in successfully fulfilling modern customers’ needs. Whether you are a student or a professional, try Wondershare PDFelement’s PDF software today to improve your productivity and optimize your file management processes.

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