Man rants about restaurant customers that failed to pay 10% of R1 000 bill

  • A TikTok video of a man complaining about customers who didn’t leave a 10% tip on a R1 000 bill got tongues wagging
  • The content creator said that tipping is an essential part of eating out and accused the customers of being stingy
  • Mzansi TikTok users reacted with differing opinions, and said restaurants should compensate their staff with decent pay

A video showing a restaurant bill went viral. Image: @larrybyday
Source: TikTok

Social media platforms have become powerful tools for expressing opinions and sparking debates.

Man complains about customers lacking tipping etiquette

One recent TikTok video ignited a heated discussion on tipping etiquette. A content creator shared his frustration about customers who failed to leave a 10% tip on a hefty R1,000 bill.

He accused them of being stingy and unkind for utilising the restaurant’s table, chairs, and cutlery without acknowledging the service provided.

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Man’s rant highlights the importance of gratitude and fair wages

The video showing the bill was uploaded by @larrybyday and amassed an impressive 147 000 views in just three days.

However, the video sparked a division among Mzansi people. Many argued that tipping should not be mandatory and that it is the restaurant’s responsibility to adequately compensate their staff.

Watch the video below:

South African man’s TikTok rant divides opinions

@elyphant98 said:

“It’s unfair that customers are made to feel obligated to tip. Do you tip the cashier at PicknPay? No, because they’re doing their job. same concept.”

@kirstenx0x shared:

“I always tip but it shouldn’t be my responsibility to pay someone at their place of employment. It’s not normal.”

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@mulalosdk mentioned:

“Some of these restaurant groups are listed on the JSE and you should see their financials. How come they can’t pay waiters normal salaries?”

@thwala780 wrote:

“I was a waiter but it’s not a must to tip you gotta be strong man it’s life and move on nothing personal.”

@_Joe_Bloggs said:

“They don’t work for free, they get a salary tipping is not mandatory.”

@meckhailjosephus commented:

“Maybe the person wasn’t happy with the service. “

@queenzie2018 posted:

“I tip only when I have money to tip and it’s never above R20. I also save for months so I can be able to take myself out for a treat.”

@mrjacobs added:

“You don’t get to tell people what to do with their money bru. Leave the tax nonsense and jokes.”

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Source: Briefly News

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