Made by Google products aim to be a bit more sustainable

It’s no news that most consumer products are moving towards sustainability, and so are made by Google products. In recent times, some smart gadget manufacturing companies have begun using recycled materials to build their products. One big name in the smartphone industry to make such a move is Samsung and it currently does so on its flagship series.

The production process of these smartphones integrates the usage of recycled materials. This move is great for the planet, as not only do these companies produce waste once their products need replacement, but they also recycle waste. These recycling end-products are put to use during the manufacturing process of newer products.

Google, on their part, is making plans to become more conscious of the environment and plans to go green. To do this, they are taking a few steps focused on utilizing the earth’s waste products and reducing the amount of waste they as a company produce. Some of these steps to boost sustainability are already in place, while others are fresh out of their development phase.

The efforts towards sustainability from Made by Google products

Part of the Made by Google products includes the Pixel series, Pixel Watch, Pixel Buds series, and a host of other products. The brand’s efforts towards sustainability become obvious if users turn their attention to the Pixel smartphone series. Over the past few years, this smartphone series has undergone a ton of refinements not only to make it more competitive but also more sustainable.

One such refinement came with the Pixel 6 series, as Google changed its take on the packaging. If you are a Pixel fan, you’d notice a distinct change in packaging over the years. From the Pixel 4 series days, Google has done a great job with keeping plastic wraps away from the package.

But the Pixel 4 box came with a plastic seal, once the Pixel 5 series launched, the plastic seal gave way to a paper seal. As you already know, paper is more degradable than plastic, and this switch shows Google’s efforts towards sustainability. However, both the Pixel 4 and 5 series came with a ton of plastic bits on the inside of the box.

The device came in a plastic wrap, and a hard plastic layer kept the device separate from the accessories. This wasn’t really ‘eco-friendly and sustainable’ so something had to be done about that. Eventually, a change came with the Pixel 6 series, as Google stopped adding accessories to the retail box.

This change meant that Google won’t need to throw in that plastic layer that separates the device from its accessories. Google also stopped shipping a charging brick and put a thin paper over the device’s screen in place of the plastic wrap. These are just small steps that Google has taken to make their smartphone series a bit more sustainable.

More importantly, the production process of the Pixel series also integrates the use of recycled materials. Up to 48% of the components of more recent Google Pixel smartphones are got from the recycling process. The tech manufacturing company also says that by 2030 all Made by Google products will achieve net-zero emissions. This is a very eco-friendly goal that Google has its eyes set on.

Also, Google’s partnership with iFixit to help certain customers repair their devices by themselves is great. This will help users fix any broken parts without having to throw the entire device away. These are just a few moves to prove that Made by Google products are becoming more sustainable.

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