Love Is Blind‘s Chelsea Makes Bold Choices With Wedding Jewelry

The sighting: Chelsea Griffin was a main character on this season of popular reality show Love is Blind because of her confident personality, her tumultuous relationship, and her dedication to the color pink…but it was the jewelry she chose for her wedding day that really had the internet talking.

The jewels: Chelsea’s accessories stood out in every episode of this Love is Blind season, but her wedding look took the cake. The ensemble included pearls in the bride’s hair, bracelets on both wrists (two appear silver with crystals, one has pearls), and a Y-shaped necklace with leaf-shaped sparkling stones.

The pièce de résistance – and the element that has been hottest discussion topic – was Chelsea’s dramatic earrings. Created by designer Moss Handmade, the earrings feature white polymer clay flowers with crystal and pearl centers, suspending pearl hoops. The style is listed on the designer’s website for $69.

Also: it looks like the very clever people behind Moss Handmade have now hired Chelsea to promote their products on Instagram. This is how to capitalize on a viral moment for marketing, folks.

The trends: The search term “Chelsea love is blind wedding jewelry” currently has 32.8 million hits on TikTok. Whether you like this styling or not, there’s no denying that it’s getting an incredible amount of attention. Don’t be surprised if you hear Chelsea’s name from some future Gen Z bridal clients.

What do we think? Online reactions to this look were extremely polarized. Some people thought the Love is Blind production team should have ripped this jewelry off of this woman’s body before letting her walk down the aisle, while others are ready to redo their own weddings so that they can dress exactly like Chelsea.

Personally, I think it’s a liiittttle bit much as it is. If I had the chance to tweak this look, I would either remove the necklace or swap it for one that incorporates either pearls or white details, to make it feel like it’s supporting the earrings rather than competing with them. One of the bracelets has pearls, so technically the bracelets do connect the earrings and the necklace – but they’re harder to see.

That said: I watched every single episode of Love is Blind and the reason Chelsea was my favorite from the beginning of the show was the unapologetic way that she stands by her convictions.

I have no doubt that this woman chose her own wedding jewelry and has no regrets. In fact, she recently wore another pair of statement earrings by Moss Handmade to the Love is Blind reunion.

Judgement: 12/10 for a bold look that felt true to the person who wore it.


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