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One programme that drains our government instead of helping it is the youth employment programme we are practicing.

This programme is one sided, it does not bring much profit to the government. It just drains the resources of the government.

I believe that, in this part of our world, every region has unique product The products from the various regions are mostly agricultural products. Cash and food crops.

I’ll just mention a few discoveries. I grew up in the Northern region of Ghana. Tamale to be precise. We enjoyed the shea butter fruit. It was a wild fruit. About 30 years down the line, I checked recently and still found out that, it’s still a wild fruit. We don’t have plantations for them.

We met some investors from Taiwan, and guess what, this is what they came down to Ghana to look for, looking for shea butter.

Why can’t the government try and help the people in that region to establish plantations of this crop, using the nation’s youth in that part of our country, educated and uneducated.

When these youths are trained, they can expand their businesses by themselves, seeing it is a lucrative venture that will also curb rural urban migration.

Let look at the Volta region for example. The Volta Lake is a viable natural resource that can economically explored for commercial fish farming.

Let’s pursue all inclusive youth employment, training

We import tilapia from China. Why can’t we gather these youths in that region in groups, train them on how to cultivate tilapia on the lake.

They can be gathered in groups, train them and then help them to expand by themselves. The Volta Lake is very vast, and has enough space to help a lot of youth.

Navrongo, where most of our tomatoes come from. The government can help these farmers with tractors to expand. Help them with irrigation so the crop will not be seasonal, but will be available every time.

The government can also use the youth of that community, to expand tomato production.

The Brong Ahafo region has vast fertile lands that the government and people of that region can take advantage of to do good business.

One thing the government can do to help our nation produce great amount of cash and food crops is by helping especially the District Assemblies of the farming communities with lots of tractors. The farmers can hire the tractors at a fee to be able to expand their farms.

The government can negotiate with the chiefs and land owners of these communities to release lands, so they can use the youths of those regions to build national farms. Some lands can be used temporally and returned to the own whenever he/she needs it.

The produce, can be divided into parts between the owners of the land, the youths and the government. Government should use this as seed fund to train the youths in our society. The proceed that goes to the government should be used to maintain the equipment and to pay the operations of the machine. At least, the government will not have to be paying the youths without getting anything in return.

By this, most of the youths will come to know the value and importance of agriculture.

It’s also very important for the government to look into irrigation, so we will not just depend on the rains, which by God’s grace we are enjoying.

Is it not impossible to move cocoa plantation from galamsey infested regions to other regions?

Let’s pursue all inclusive youth employment, training

In Israel, almost every available land has plantation. Even in the desert. They have connected all the sewage into the desert to take care of those plantations.

We in this part of Africa, are blessed with fertile lands, good rainy season, but yet not taking full advantage of it.

It was said that some Chinese were traveling from Accra to Akosombo, when they got to the Shai Hills area, they asked what was planted there, and they were told, it was nothing, just grass, they were shocked.

These land is also good for irrigation.

There are many youths out there, both educated and uneducated, let take advantage of them, provide tractors and other logistics for them, to train them through this method. It will surprise you a lot of them will find interest in it and take it to another level. They shouldn’t be moved from one region to another to do this, they should be trained in their own communities. Especially those doing their national service.

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