I’m a mom – I feel judged when I do the school pick-up with no bra on

A MOM has said she felt judged because she did the school pick-up with no bra on.

But she didn’t understand the big deal if she chooses to ditch chest support.


TikTok user Claire Rachel went bra-free to pick her kid up on the school runCredit: TikTok/claire_rachel
She didn't see what the big deal was


She didn’t see what the big deal wasCredit: TikTok/claire_rachel

If Claire Rachel (@claire_rachel) had her way, no one would blink an eye.

She would love to see ditching one’s bra as completely normal.

But she may have some way to go if the comments on the school run are anything to go by.

This lady had a lot of support however in her post from loyal fans.

I'm a 36DDD and don't want to wear a bra - I say 'free the tatas' I hate wearing a bra and want to 'free the nips' - no 'honker hankies' here

She already has a large following on her TikTok.

At the last count, she had over 95,000 followers and another 523,000 likes.

She is a mom and a realtor, but also said “I’m probably joking.”

Claire posted her video from a sun-drenched backyard.

Her long blonde hair was worn loose around her shoulders.

She wore a black tank top and white jeans, and a cheeky grin across her face.

“When I go to pick up my kid from school without a bra on,” was captioned across the screen.

In the background, audio relayed the views of her critics.

“Here comes a whore,” it said harshly.

Despite the hard words, she smiled throughout.

Commenters agreed.

“That is normal in Europe,” said this woman.

Claire agreed. “As it should be,” she said.

Another said, “You go girl, woman empowerment.”

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The final comment, however, had little interest in empowerment.

“Me talking to my kid during pickup, ‘Why don’t you invite that kid and mom over for a play date,'” he said.

She faced criticism for going bra-free


She faced criticism for going bra-freeCredit: TikTok/claire_rachel

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