Here’s how I made £1k from selling pre-loved fashion on Vinted

The popularity of pre-loved fashion is growing, and it’s causing the renaissance of y2k trends, vintage designer garments and eclectic dressing. 

Vinted, a second-hand fashion resale app with over 8 million members saw their community grow by 1.2 million over the last year – but how easy is it to sell your clothes online? 

As a confirmed ‘top seller’ on the app, I have sold almost a hundred items from my wardrobe that would have otherwise ended up in landfill. By saving my too-small skirts, unloved coats, and dresses I never got round to wearing from the bin, I have not only contributed to a circular economy, but I’ve earned almost £1,000 in the process. 

Fast fashion is one of the most polluting contributors to climate change, with over 92 million tonnes of clothes ending up in landfill every year. So, if you’re looking to earn some spare cash whilst also treading lightly on the planet, here are my six foolproof tips for making your first sale on Vinted. 

Think about the filters

© Vinted / Amy FrostY2K pink cami top sold by a Vinted seller

Try and be as specific as you can when choosing filters for your items. While it’s always a joy to stumble across a vintage gem, thrifters scrolling through the app are more likely to find your item if it fits their size, style and brand requirements. 

Vinted’s Natacha Blanchard shared that the most successful formula for a good product description should always include a category (women, men, kids etc), type (dress, shoes, top etc), colour, brand and condition. Buyers will often search for items using filters, so if you want your item to show up in their feed, add these details as a minimum. 

Upload regularly to keep your account active

Like with most social media apps, the more you post on Vinted the more your account will be pushed to the top of feeds. I have found that when I’ve uploaded five to ten items at once, they always sell faster than if I’ve uploaded a single item in

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Be patient with your sales

High end high street brands and luxury designer labels are popular on Vinted© UnsplashHigh end high street brands and luxury designer labels are popular on Vinted

There is nothing less satisfying than clearing out your wardrobe into pre-loved piles ready to sell, and for them to remain in the same piles weeks later – but patience is key! 

If your items aren’t selling after a few days, look to update your description, take clearer photographs, include a photograph of you wearing the item and, if necessary, lower the price to better reflect the prices of similar items on the app. Better yet, each time you update, your items are pushed to the top of Vinted’s feeds which grants you more of that all-important exposure to get your items sold. 

Don’t be afraid to message 

Vinted notifies you if someone has liked your item, so why not take advantage of the fact they have shown interest? 

If I’m online when someone has liked one of my items, I’ll often make them an offer five to ten per cent lower than what it’s currently listed at. Occasionally I’ll follow up with a polite message letting them know I can post the same day. This isn’t always successful, but when it is, it feels so rewarding. 

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Choose your upload times wisely

Vinted has over 8 million users who are buying and selling pre-loved fashionVinted has over 8 million users who are buying and selling pre-loved fashion

According to Natacha, Vinted users are usually most active around 9pm, with the most popular day for sales being Sunday. My most successful day of sales was after I uploaded several pre-loved items on a Saturday, ready for people to browse over the weekend. By Sunday afternoon, I had sold over eight items and had made just over £100. 

Be realistic with your prices

Searches for vintage cowboy boots have risen in popularity on Vinted© ShutterstockSearches for vintage cowboy boots have risen in popularity on Vinted

It is always tempting to set your prices as high as possible. In reality, I’ve found that it is far more valuable to be realistic with pricing than it is to sell at an unreasonable price. 

Of course, there is always the exception. If you are selling an immaculate, never-been-worn pair of real, limited-edition leather cowboy boots and you’re hoping to match the price you paid, then by all means name your price. Yet if you have listed the moth-eaten trench coat you’ve had in the back of your wardrobe, unworn for a decade for more than £30, you may need to rethink. 

As a rule of thumb, I always start with the price I paid for it and take off 20 per cent if it’s brand new, 30 per cent if it is new without tags, 40 per cent if it is in good condition and 50 per cent or more if it is in need of upcycling/repair.

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