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It took the Guam governor’s office two years to give the people of Guam an explanation for their refusal to build a hospital at the site of the old one.

Buried among the reasons in a news release issued today is an admission that the administration is about to lease the land for private business interest.

Only after tremendous public pressure and a legislative oversight hearing did Adelup decide to say something. And what they said, buried at the bottom, and aren’t saying are the most salient points of this debate.

Circled in red is likely the real reason for the delay in information. It also contradicts the second reason given (the fault line); for, why would anyone invest in anything on that property if the risk was great, or the hazard risk could not be mitigated?

Circled in blue is a great idea, if the hospital will not be but there.

Not mentioned: The governor’s home is located a few doors down, and she already has complained of the so-called traffic issues in that area. This is the same governor, who blocked an attempt to build a safe haven for children in need of foster care in that area in 2016.


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