Exclusive: Co-founder of Recode Studios reacts to brand not getting funds on Shark Tank says, ‘Though we didn’t get the investment, it build credibility’ 

Recode Studios Co-Founder Dheeraj Bansal

According to Recode Studios Co-Founder Dheeraj Bansal, the brand has not been affected by not getting an investment in the show ‘Shark Tank’.

Renowned beauty and cosmetic brand Recode Studios recently appeared on the business reality television series Shark Tank and despite being liked by the judges, it did not receive investment. The judges, dubbed ‘Sharks’, denied funding because they couldn’t invest in Veenita Singh’s competitor band. Singh is the founder of Sugar Cosmetic which is a competitor of Recode. After all of this, News9 got in touch with Recode’s Co-Founder Dheeraj Bansal who shared his thoughts on the show.

He said that the decision by Namita Thapar and Aman Gupta to deny funding to Recode Studios on Shark Tank was fair as it was their hard-earned money, and they have the right to invest it wherever they see fit. However, the episode gave the brand significant traction, leading to increased brand awareness and positive customer reviews.

He said, “However, I feel everything comes at its own time, though we didn’t receive the investment, the increased visibility helped the brand reach a broader audience and build its credibility. Recode’s performance in Shark Tank indicates that the brand is gaining recognition in the industry, and this will likely have a positive impact on their future growth.”

He continued by saying that reality shows like Shark Tank can have a significant impact on a brand’s image, particularly when the decisions made on the show are perceived as biased or unfair. However, in the case of Recode Studios, the brand has not been affected by Namita Thapar and Aman Gupta’s decision not to invest.

According to Bansal, the show provided a platform for the brand to showcase its products and business model, which generated positive reviews and increased brand awareness. As a result, the brand’s reputation has not been negatively impacted by Shark Tank’s appearance, and the increased publicity has likely helped to generate more sales.

The video

What makes Recode Studios unique?

Bansal stated that Recode Studios has emerged as a standout brand in the cosmetic industry due to its unique approach of providing affordable international quality products. The brand’s products are developed with the aim of dropping prices while maintaining quality, which sets them apart from their competitors.

New launches

Recode Studios has recently launched HD matte foundations and concealers, which come with a new-and-improved formula that is comfortable and easy to apply. By the end of this year, the brand is planning to launch a range of exciting products. This includes luminous finish foundations and concealers, powder high-pigmented glass finish highlighters in six colour palettes, and two eyeshadow palettes in 36 shades and 18 shades, respectively.

These new launches will enhance the brand’s offerings and provide more options for consumers. The launch of these new products reflects Recode’s commitment to innovation and providing its customers with the latest and best beauty products.

Swara Bhaskar- brand ambassador

Speaking about why they chose actress Swara Bhaskar as their brand ambassador, Bansal said that the association with Recode Studios as a brand ambassador has been beneficial for the brand. She brings credibility to the brand with her fierce identity, which resonates well with Recode’s target audience.

He also believes that her collaboration with the brand has helped increase brand awareness and reach a wider audience. Swara Bhaskar’s association with Recode Studios reflects the brand’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity, as well as its focus on providing affordable beauty products that cater to a broad range of consumers.

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