Antibiotics to Multivitamins: THESE 48 medicines fail quality test. Are you still consuming them?

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Several commonly used medicines, including calcium, multivitamins, antibiotics, and more, have failed the quality tests in the latest drug safety. A major disclosure has been made in the investigation report of the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO), where the samples of 48 drugs have failed the standard test. According to the information, a total of 1497 samples of medicines were tested last month, of which 48 medicines couldn’t pass the quality check, reflecting a failure rate of over three per cent.

The list includes medicines, medical devices, or cosmetics that are either not of standard quality or spurious, adulterated or misbranded. The investigation report of the CDSCO has 14 medicines made in Uttarakhand, 13 from Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka 4, 2 each from Haryana, Maharashtra and Delhi, and one form Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Sikkim, Jammu and Puducherry. These drugs are manufactured by private as well as public drug makers, including PSU Karnataka Antibiotics & Pharmaceuticals, Uttarakhand-based Synokem Pharmaceuticals, Haryana-based Nestor Pharmaceuticals, Uttar Pradesh-based JBJM Parenterals, Solan-based Ronam Healthcare and Mumbai based Glenmark Pharmaceuticals.

According to the CDSCO report, these medicines also include medicines like Lycopene Mineral Syrup, which people use in large quantities. Apart from this, there are medicines like Vitamin C Injection, Folic Acid Injection, Albendazole, Kaushik Dok-500, Nicotinamide Injection, Amoxanol Plus and Alciflox. These medicines are used to correct vitamin deficiency, control high BP, prevent allergies, control acid and eliminate fungal infections. Toothpaste of a well-known company has also been found to fail in these medicines, which people use a lot.

A notice has been issued to the pharma companies regarding the medicines which have failed in the test and their response has been sought. All drug inspectors have been ordered to investigate pharma companies. There has also been talk of withdrawing the drugs that have failed in the test from the market. Sample testing of medicines of different pharma companies is done by CDSCO every few months. Tests were also done in November last year, in which about 50 medicines failed. They included antibiotic medicine.

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