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Formed this past semester, the Agricultural Association of Pitt State (AAP) hosted various agricultural professionals from Southeast Kansas. 

“We wanted to give the opportunity for students to come in and learn more about careers within the agricultural industry because it’s an industry that maybe doesn’t get a lot of attention around campus,” said Joey Marten freshman in political science and president of AAP.  

The reason behind the event follows closely to the reason for the founding of the club, to educate more students at Pitt State of agricultural opportunities.  

“A lot of our students come from agricultural backgrounds, whether it be growing up on farms or being involved in 4H or others throughout high school. One of the biggest problems facing agriculture today is, like Professor Charlie said, the perception of the industry. Advocating for agriculture out within in the public is a big thing and that’s one thing that we can do as people that aren’t necessarily involved in agriculture. Through a club like this you can learn about it, and then at the minimum at least, know what’s going on within the industry and change some of those misconceptions about the industry,” Marten said.  

While offering more educational resources is important to the group, the group is also focused on potentially helping the employment of future professionals in agricultural fields. 

“We don’t have an agricultural college here but there (are some students) who are very interested in agriculture. Secondly, people need to eat. It is perhaps one of the largest industries in the world, and so it impacts lives in many ways. And so, we see the very importance of it. Third, we’re in a rural community, we’re in a rural area, it’s Kansas and we’re a farmer state…” said Steve Angermeyer, adjunct professor and advisor of AAP. “The farms don’t make the news, but they really run the state. The are the life blood of running our state.”  

The group is focused on agricultural advocacy, education, and opportunities, the group is also focused on creating a space for students to connect. 

“As an organization, (we are looking forward to) just getting a group of people together that maybe have common interest and just expanding the horizon of agricultural knowledge within our campus. But then also just having a club where you know people can be active within and learn about something really interesting where they can’t learn it anywhere else,” Marten said.  

The group is in its beginning phase, focusing on expa 

“We have a really bright group and very forward thinking, very goal oriented and it’s going to be very exciting to see where this goes. I think that we’re going to have more members and we’re going to plan a bunch of fun events, and we’re going to educate ourselves. We’ll perhaps help the employment pool in in the long run,” Angermayer said.  

For those interested in joining the group or finding upcoming events, they can find more information on Gorilla Engage.  

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